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Twenty-five years of training and experience in architectural design theory, master planning, construction, supervision and project coordination.  This firm has served Grass Valley, Colfax and the surrounding communities since 1988 with assistance to clients both private and institutional, on projects both large and small.  With a collaboration of architectural design in partnership with outside technical consultants, a project team of many skills and talents is assembled based on each client’s particular needs and goals.

My background includes:

  • High end residential projects up to 18,000sf

  • Economy and production homes

  • Government subsidized housing and senior group homes up to 80 units

  • Master planning and subdivision site development

  • Small scale commercial and professional offices

  • Medical/dental offices

  • Strip malls and retail outlets

  • Food service

  • Industrial/commercial shells

  • Tenant improvements

  • Remodeling and historical upgrades/additions/ADA compliance

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